Federal Employee Retirement Virtual Workshop

Are you comfortable with your knowledge and understanding of all your retirement benefits? Some of the most common concerns for federal employees preparing for retirement are:

  • Will my FERS or CSRS retirement be enough to live on?
  • Should I enroll in the Survivor Benefit and will it be enough for my spouse to live on?
  • When I retire, how do I manage my Thrift Savings Plan and how can I draw income?
  • How do I maximize my Social Security benefits and at what age should I begin drawing?
  • Do I keep my FEGLI Life Insurance during retirement and is it the best deal for me?
  • If I keep my Federal Employee Health Benefit in retirement, do I also need Medicare after 65?

If these concerns sound familiar, it is because most federal employees preparing for retirement share the same questions! After teaching thousands of federal employees over the last 25 years, we have found that almost without exception, your employer, the Federal Government, typically does not provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to prepare you for retirement!

This event will be hosted by Federal Retirement Benefits Specialist, Robert Carlson, of Carlson Financial Solutions. Robert excels at making complex financial matters understandable for readers and audiences all over the country planning their retirement in and out of federal service.


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